Translation Services
  • We can arrange for a professional translation in nearly every language.
  • You can be assured of a translation that correctly reflects cultural and business contexts.
  • We complete the translation with a quick turn-around.
  • Rush service is available; call for details.
  • You may submit your translation request by email or fax for a quick turn-around on your order without the usual wait for regular mail.
  • The translation of your documents will be carefully proofread to assure you of accuracy and completeness.
  • The translation will be sent to you in a clear plastic folder with a separate page for translator identification and certification. Each page of the translation will have our official embossed seal.

How to request translation services:

Step 1: Fax, email, bring into our office, or send us a copy of the document to be translated for a free price quote.

    • Cross out footnotes, seals, or other unnecessary words that you do not want translated.

Step 2: When you are ready to go ahead with the translation, download and fill out the translation application form.

Step 3: Send your request to us.

    • If the document you wish translated is in your computer files you may email your request. Send your request with documents as attachments.
    • Or mail your request and documents to us at the address on contact us page.
    • Your request must contain the completed application, a good photocopy of the document you wish translated, and your payment. Your payment should be cash, credit card, personal check, or money order/cashier's check (payable to FTES, drawn on a U.S. bank).
    • We are not responsible for your documents during the time they are in the hands of the postal or other delivery service.
    • There is a minimum fee for canceling before the application is complete.
    • After we determine that the application is complete, the translation process begins and there is no refund for cancellation.

Services and Fees for Translations:

You will receive our translation in a loose-bound clear-plastic folder with a page certifying the qualifications of the translator and the accuracy of the translation. If you submit your request on email, we will send you an advanced copy of our translation by email at no charge; you will receive the hard-copy translation later by regular mail. Each page of the translation will have our official embossed seal. We will send the translation to you by regular mail at no additional cost. If you wish it sent by express mail, note items W and X below.

For help completing the application or for additional services, such as rush service or special handling, contact us .

T Translation. Up to 100 words and each additional 100 words (For more than 500 words, contact us for the discount rate) $40
U1 An additional official copy of your translation requested after the initial application $30
U2 Each additional copy with initial translation or with U1 $15
V Minimum fee for canceling $20
W Translation sent by express mail to all countries except U.S. $55
X Translation sent by express mail within the U.S. $15