H. FTES High School Grade-Level Placement

FTES evaluation will help you be admitted to high school by describing the education you have received and a list of your courses/subjects, the U.S. equivalent high school credits, and grades. FTES recommends the grade level at which you should start high school in the U.S. $105.00


I. General Evaluation

A general evaluation form FTES will certify the highest U.S. equivalent level of education you attained : high school completion and all college / University levels up to, and including, the equivalent of a U.S. Baccalaureate, Masters or Doctoral degree. $100.00


J. Course List (this service is only issued with item I )

If you have graduated from high school, FTES will list your high school subjects/courses, the U.S. equivalent high school credits with grades, or we list all your postsecondary courses, the U.S. equivalent semester units of credit with grade. $80.00


How to pay for FTES's services:

Payment to FTES must be made by check or money order (Payable to FTES) or by Visa/ Master Card at the time you submit your application. If you choose to use a credit card, at the bottom of the application give the following; Name of card holder: type of card: card number: expiration date: And the amount of your fees. If you decide to send us a personal check, your evaluation will be delayed for 7 days. penalty for checks returned for non-sufficient funds is $25.00. For rush service (O or P), payment must be made by cash, money order, or cashier's check only.


K. Personal consultation

(30-min. appt.) $50.00

L. Grade point average (GPA)

in addition to a general evaluation $69.00

M. Revision of a previous evaluation

based on new information $75.00

N1. An official copy of your evaluation

requested after the initial application $35.00

N2. Extra copies

with initial request or with N1 $20.00

O.  5-day rush service

ready to pick up in 5 business days after receipt of complete application $100.00 (Cash or money order only)

P. 2-day rush service

Ready to pick up on the 2nd business day after receipt of complete application $200.00 (Cash or money order only).

Q. Minimum fee to cancel an evaluation

before the application is complete. $60.00

R. Translation of up to 50 courses $120.00

S Translation of any supporting documents

and/or (A), (B), or (C). $45.00

T. Return of original documents

and/or reports by courier to all countries outside the U.S. $60.00

U. Delivery of original documents by priority mail (or courier, if requested) within U.S. $25.00

V. Verification of translation done by a translator

outside of the U.S. $60.00

W. Evaluation of work experience for Immigration

purposes U.S. $275.00

X. Translation of general documents into English.

between 100-500 words. $50.00

(Ask for price if more than 500 words).

·         All prices are subject to change without notice.

·         After we determine the application is complete, the evaluation process begins and there is no refund for cancellation.